Samsung Galaxy S4 screen crack issue

I wanted to post this out there to you guys.  I have had two Samsung Galaxy S4 screens crack on me so far and I have been trying to narrow down on a Samsung Galaxy S4 screen crack issue.  One I thought was due to a drop, albeit a very non violent drop.  After dropping I noticed a small crack running down from the top left hand corner of the phone looking at it from the front.  After burning through an upgrade on another line, I purchased another S4.  A couple of days ago after no drops or other physical trauma, I hit the power/display button to check email and noticed the lines running across the screen.  After looking under light at the front of the screen, I noticed a small sliver of a line, once again from the top left hand corner of the screen running down about half an inch.

This phone was in an otterbox 24/7 and again had no physical trauma.  I babied this phone.  How about you SGS4 owners out there?  Have you had any similar experiences?  I thought my very light drop was responsible for the first cracked screen, however, after the second time it happened, it is making me question the first crack actually being caused from the drop.  In scouring the Internet, it seems like there are quite a few posts out there from ones who have had similar unexplained cracked screens.  However, of course all carriers always attribute any cracked screens to physical damage caused by the consumer and will not refund or cover these types of screen damage in any kind of warranty or service.

You guys let me know your thoughts and or experiences.  I would like to see if this is more than just a minor issue that some have infrequently experienced and if it is a very common issue, to entertain ideas as to the causes.  This has really been a weird one for me.


I wanted to let everyone know that I received my replacement digitizer and screen already installed in the frame and then swapped over my components and got my phone back up and running.  My suggestion is go this route as there are cheaper alternatives, but if you just try to replace the display without the digitizer and all together, there is a good chance you will shatter your screen in the process.  Take a look at the link below that shows a really good tutorial on how to take your SGS4 apart and then using the reverse process, how to put your phone back together.

I will let everyone know how well my replacement parts last, work out, or if I have any issues with the display.  So far so good.  The replacement display I received from Amazon looks as good as my OEM part from my phone.  Time will tell.

Video on disassembly



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