Take a look at the e-books below, which encapsulate much of the documentation I have written on various topics, including Proxmox, VMware vSphere, DevOps, networking, etc.

Proxmox home lab guide 2024
Proxmox Home Lab Guide 2024
Proxmox Home Lab Guide 2024Author Brandon Lee (338 pages) 1st Edition – Released March 2024
This Proxmox home lab e-book contains a compilation of posts I have created in working with Proxmox in the home lab. While not an exhaustive guide to Proxmox, the posts compiled in this guide cover the basic installation and configuration of Proxmox, including networking, storage, security, monitoring, and other topics. I have also included a section on installing pfSense on Proxmox and other specialized lab scenarios.

Since many will be coming from a VMware vSphere background, the guide starts from installing Proxmox in a nested environment running on VMware vSphere. We conclude coming full circle by installing nested ESXi inside of Proxmox.
Nested virtualization e book thumb
Nested Virtualization E-book
Nested Virtualization E-BookAuthor Brandon Lee (179 pages) 1st Edition – Released March 2024
Nested virtualization is a great technology to make use of in your home lab environment. You can use it with VMware ESXi, Proxmox, and other hypervisors. By using nested virtualization, you have the ability to run a hypervisor inside another hypervisor. This creates a great learning environment with the capabilities afforded by modern hypervisors, like snapshots, cloning, and scripted installations.

This e-book delves into nested virtualization in the context of home lab and offers guidance on configuring nested virtualization in Proxmox and VMware vSphere.

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