Hello, Brandon Lee here – I have been in the IT industry for over 18+ years now and have worked in various IT fields – mom and pop shops, education, manufacturing, and Fortune 500 companies, including consulting for various technology companies.  Technology is ever changing and with new products, hardware, and software on the horizon.  There is a constant need for trained individuals to configure, troubleshoot, engineer, and architect solutions.  The challenge of staying on top of the latest trends in technology and mastering ways to harness the increasing power of software and hardware is fascinating to me.

After getting introduced to Virtualization back in 2004, my passion for technology and virtualization has fueled my career since then.  Virtualizationhowto was born as a means to share knowledge that has so willingly been given to me over the years.  The information compiled on this site has been gathered from various real world experiences as related to on the job projects.

Feel free to connect up with me on the twitters, email, RSS, Google+and/or subscribe to the blog.

Brandon Lee – brandon.lee(at)virtualizationhowto(dot)com



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