Windows 7 command shortcuts

If you are like me, you don’t like to click 3 or 4 layers deep to get to the screen or configuration page that you are looking for. Below are a few of the command shortcuts I use on a daily basis to get where I want to go in Windows 7 without having to right-click, click, or hunt for the particular screen.

Also, these shortcuts come in extremely handy when you are dealing with a workstation that is infested with malware or has extreme performance issues and executing anything unecessary or out of the way can cost you several minutes orĀ even longerĀ of your time which is valuable!

mstsc – Enter this shortcut at a run menu to quickly get to the remote desktop connection window – Very handy for system administrators who connect to multiple terminals and sessions throughout the day

control printers – Entered at the run menu, this command quickly gets you to your configured printers page without having to find this in control panel, etc

sysdm.cpl – This launches the system properties window instead of having to right-click on the computer, etc

lusrmgr.msc – This quickly gets an administrator to the “local users and computers” snapin on a local workstation for configuring users/groups on the local machine

control folders – Enter this at a fun menu to quickly get to your files and folder options

compmgmt.msc – This quickly launches the computer management screen

desk.cpl – This launches your desktop display settings configuration page

powercfg.cpl – This launches the power configuration page

inetcpl.cpl – Launches Internet Explorer Properties

appwiz.cpl – This launches the Add Remove Programs, Programs and Features, etc

firewall.cpl – Launches the firewall configuration page

ncpa.cpl – Launches the network configuration page for your network adapters

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