Download Spritz for your Samsung Galaxy S4?

Spritz is a very exciting new patented reading technology that is a revolutionary new way to read that allows the user to be able to not have any eye movement to move from one work to another.  The app simply “spritzes” the words up on the screen in a flashing type style where you eye doesn’t move from word to word.  Also revolutionary about the technology is that the positioning of the words on the screen is part of the innovative approach to this reading app.  The words are positioned in such a way that one letter from each word that is flashed up on the screen in front of you is colored red as opposed to the rest of the letters that are black.

This allows the human brain to focus on a central point for each word so that reading speed as well as comprehension is enhanced allowing the massive speed improvements without sacrificing the comprehension of the content.  You can take a look at how this technology works by visiting the Spritz website and actually using the test app on their homepage to experience what the app can do for you and your reading.



The animated gif below from the website will definitely show you how the technology looks and the amazing reading speeds you will be able to read at with the app technology.  This is 500 wpm below:




One of the really cool things about the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is that is supposed to come preloaded with the Spritz app which will allow you to take advantage of using this technology on the new handsets, this also goes for the Gear 2.  How do you download the spritz app for your samsung galaxy s4 and other smartphones?  It appears that end users will have to wait for the mainstream app to come available and those with the new phones will be the only ones for a while that will be able to use the technology, however, the company has a lot of steam behind it and we will certainly be seeing this technology in many many other venues and on tons more devices.

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