Android ICS no ad hoc wireless support

For those of you who may have tried to connect your recently updated ICS Transformer Prime to your cell phone using the wifi tether app, you may have noticed that your tablet would not pick of the signal from your phone.  We are running an ATT Samsung Galaxy SII here and had wifi tether 3.1 beta 6 installed from a few months back.  Before upgrading to ICS on our Prime, we had successfully tethered Honeycomb 3.2.1 to the phone without a problem at all.  After the upgrade to ICS we wanted to test some of the wireless connectivity issues and decided to tether to our phone once again to get Speedtest results and noticed that we couldn’t see the phone’s hotspot.

In launching the trusty wifi analyzer app, we noticed that the tablet was “seeing” the hotspot in the wifi analyzer app, however, there was a little red designation at the end of the hotspot information denoting “ad hoc” and we were not able to connect or even given the option to connect to the hotspot.  In doing some reading on this and finding that in other forums there were many other users saying that after upgrading to ICS they were no longer able to connect to their hotspot, we assumed this was definitely something with ICS.  Officially, Google does not support ad hoc networks in ICS apparently.

However, the upside to all of this is that if you upgrade your wifi tether app to the latest and greatest, which in our case was 3.1 beta 11, we were able to select the option in the wifi profile to be the infrastructure mode as opposed to ad hoc mode for our Samsung Galaxy SII.  After performing the update, and changing the profile to infrastructure, we were once again able to connect our ICS Prime to the wifi tether app.

It is yet to be seen if this is functionality Google is simply not support from this point forward or if this is just an early ICS quirk that will be resolved with a later update.

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