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Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting you are happy with

Recently, having worked with several clients that utilize cloud hosting to leverage services to various companies, we had this discussion concerning cloud services and whether or not they were happy with various aspects of cloud hosting and services.  One thing is certain among the many aspects of cloud computing that are not and that is that the cloud is continuing to evolve and mature and it still has much room to do both of those things.  Many discussed issues with Cloud providers concerning performance especially resource allocation, information disclosure, and security being among some of the big ticket items that raised eyebrows.

Cloud computing and services have much room to improve and grow as we can see from numerous polls among IT persons about their feelings on the cloud.  In talking with individuals I mentioned above, performance can be a big issue.  Some IT pros feel that the performance and dedicated resources they pay for are not the resources they really get.  One individual who requested performance data from the cloud provider was assured they would receive that information, however, never does.  Multiple requests have gone unfulfilled.  I want to open this post up to you guys out in the field and your experience on cloud services.  How happy in the realm of performance have you been?

Along the same lines above, information disclosure seems to be hard to obtain.  One individual said he had issues with getting infrastructure information from the cloud provider on something as basic as how the Windows profiles were setup.  Numerous requests for that information were never answered.  Not knowing the infrastructure configuration of your environment makes it extremely difficult to troubleshoot issues with cloud apps or services as the infrastructure is always an unknown variable if your cloud provider will not disclose that information.

The big ticket concern in cloud services still is security.  Many corporations are still unwilling to house data in another location where they don’t have full control over all the operating procedures and security protocols that are in place to protect information as they do in their own environments.  Again, asking you as the IT professionals out there, what security issues have you encountered if any in your cloud service environment?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below and weigh in on this important topic for any IT manager and system admin.


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