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How to tell if your flight has wifi Internet

In today’s world, staying connecting and being connected to the Internet is becoming crucial.  Most business travelers as well as home users depend on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other Internet aware devices to stay connected to social media, bank accounts, VPN connections, and many other services that allow us to have immediate access to data and information.  In the budding age of WIFI on flights, it is becoming important to know if you flight has wifi Internet access or not.  After all, we want to know ahead of time whether or not our fingers are going to be left twitching from withdrawal as to whether or not we will have to wait on the status updates or profile changes until we are safely on the ground.  There is a really cool website available that allows ones to tell ahead of time whether or not their flight has inflight WIFI capabilities.

That website is and it allows you to type in your Carrier as well as well as your flight number which allows you to search and see whether or not the flight has WIFI available.  The site is very straightforward and easy to use and should certainly help ones to determine whether or not they will be disconnected or connected during their flight.  The site allows feedback from patrons so WIFI service can be rated as to whether or not the coverage was actually available or not.  Developers will be encouraged to know there is an API coming soon to interface with the website which should allow for really cool smartphone apps to spin up allowing better access to determine coverage ahead of time.

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