Customizing Untangle Captive Portal page

For many small businesses out there that are using or planning on using Untangle as their UTM software, you may want to customize the look and feel of Untangle images on your captive portal page.  You can modify Untangle image files to obtain a more desirable look and feel for your captive portal page if you have this feature implemented.  You may have a company logo that you would like to use or some other type of branding that would blend in more seemlessly with the rest of your user environment.  Briefly, let’s take a look at the images and their locations that need to be modified to accomplish this.

Branding Logo – /var/www/images/BrandingLogo.gif

Captive Portal Icon – /var/www/skins/default/images/user/icon_captive_portal.png

Green Login button – /var/www/skins/default/images/user/green-button-background-3.gif

Green Login button (mouseover) – /var/www/skins/default/images/user/green-button-background-3_f2.gif

Captive Portal Favicon – /var/www/images/favicon-captive-portal.png

The easiest way to replace these is to simply upload a new image using the same name as the old images as the CSS calls these specific image names to display.  My recommendation is to simply rename the old (default) files to .old or something similar and then upload your new files and this way you can quickly revert back to the default look if something goes wrong.

Be sure to use the “view page” button at the bottom of the captive portal page to preview your new customized captive portal login page.

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