• Commvault cloud cleanroom recovery

    New Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery Introduced

    Commvault, a leader in the data protection space, has launched an innovative new cleanroom technology, Commvault® Cloud Cleanroom™ Recovery. Commvault hopes to transform recovery processes in the hybrid cloud landscape. Let’s take a look at the details of this new…

  • Windows 11 security ebook

    Windows 11 Security Ebook Download

    Windows 11 has many security features built into its OS architecture, which helps to provide multiple layers of security. It relies on a structured approach that covers hardware security, operating system security, application security, identity, privacy, and cloud services. Take…

  • Raspberry pi firewall configuration

    Raspberry Pi Firewall Command Line Configuration Step-by-Step

    Raspberry Pi OS is an extremely popular self-hosting platform many use for running services. Let’s set the tone for Raspberry Pi firewall configuration via the command line and see what we will learn. Raspberry pi os What: A step-by-step how-to…

  • Suricata vs snort

    Suricata vs Snort: Which is the best IDS?

    Security and network professionals have long trusted a couple of tools in network security. Suricata and Snort are popular choices among security professionals for intrusion detection systems IDS and intrusion prevention system IPS solutions. This post will delve into a…

  • Security onion installation

    Security Onion Install: Awesome Open Source Security for Home Lab

    Security Onion is at the top of the list if you want an excellent security solution to try in your home lab or even for enterprise security monitoring. It provides many great security tools for threat hunting and overall security…

  • Wazuh open source siem with xdr

    Wazuh Open Source SIEM: XDR for Enterprise and Home Lab

    The cybersecurity landscape is evolving. Many commercial security platforms offer value, including SIEMs and others. However, an open-source solution called Wazuh stands out as a powerful open-source security platform, offering tools for threat detection, regulatory compliance, and much more. Let’s…

  • How to secure your home wireless network for teleworking

    How should you secure your home wireless network for teleworking

    Even though companies are starting to tighten down on who can work remotely and where hybrid work happens, it is still being leveraged like never before. Workers are at least working remotely part of the time, which means that sensitive…

  • WG Easy Wireguard Config Generator

    WG-Easy: Wireguard Config Generator VPN Server in Docker

    WireGuard has made a significant impact since its initial release in 2016, providing a modern VPN that is not just secure but straightforward to set up. It is widely deployed and works for home networks and supercomputers alike, but the…

  • Proton Password Manager that Hides Your Email Address

    Proton Pass Review: Password Manager that Hides Your Email Address

    With identity theft and breached credentials all over the news, password managers have become necessary to help generate strong, unique passwords. Proton AG, a Swiss-based company revered for pioneering the world’s largest encrypted email service – Proton Mail, has introduced…

  • Openscap Opensource Vulnerability and Compliance Scanner

    Openscap: Open Source Vulnerability and Compliance Scanner

    Creating a new Kubernetes cluster in Portainer