Horizontal spacing issue between tabs GT Tabs WordPress

We all like to organize our WordPress pages into logical groupings of information.  A cool lightweight plugin to add some nifty tabs to your site is called GT Tabs and it allows you to create tabs within a post or page to organize data.  If you are using this plugin and have experienced an issue where no matter how much you adjust the horizontal setting in the plugin settings, you still have a wide gap in between your tabs, your style.css file is most likely the culprit.  In investigating a site recently that had the wide spaces between the tabs, there was a value lurking there that was the culprit in this case:

#content .post ul li, #content .page ul li, #content .post ol li, #content .page ol li, #header .widget-area ul li {
margin: 0 0 0 20px;
padding: 0;
The above setting of 20px was throwing 20px worth of space between the tabs and throwing our spacing off as well.  Altering this value fixed the issue in our case.
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