Tablet Display Resolution War

Many who have been following the developments of the tablet market over the past few weeks and have read about the new Android slates that are set to hit the scene this summer.  One thing is for sure – huge resolutions are “IN” and the more ppi’s the better!  As we have already covered and mentioned in previous blog posts, both the new Transformer TF700T and Acer’s Iconia a700 will feature 1920×1200 resolutions which is full HD.

Rumors have it that the new iPad3 will feature 2048×1536 full HD resolution and mind blowing ppi’s which will send visuals, movies, ereading, and other multimedia to new exciting and almost giddy levels!  Tablets are definitely maturing and these awesome display characteristics of upcoming tablets is proof that a major seller of these devices is that consumers expect perfection when it comes to the display of the device.  Other features are definitely important as the misteps of the Transformer Prime TF201 clearly demonstrate, however, to compete fully, they have to look and perform well.

More and more horsepower is getting crammed inside these slates as well as quad core is set to take over the default standard of dual core in this realm as all of the latest tablets are moving up to the quad level.  With resolutions jumping so highly and the demand for performance never decreasing, all slates will definitely benefit from this jump in standards.  Apple has been keeping a tight wrap on just what exactly will be contained in the iPad3 and exactly which type of display will outfit the new flagship design and model.  Apple poised to wow and impress consumers with another highly successful and lucrative launch of the new tablet which basically put tablets on the radar as a real contender for a practical consumption device that impresses.

Rumors are still pointing to a possible March 2012 release of the next tablet to come down the pipeline.  Time will tell if those rumors are correct and if the resoultion wars have only begun!

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