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Ethernet over Powerlines

We have all heard of Power over Ethernet, but have you heard about Ethernet over Power or powerlines that is?  For those of you out there who do not have a recently built house with ethernet cable already installed, you may want to take a look at some really fascinating products out there that allow you to basically turn your electrical wiring in your house into an ethernet network.  One of the leaders in the market currently is Trendnet.

Trendnet is among the first to announce a product that utilizes the 500Mbs speed standard and brings this to consumers.  They are offering a Powerline AV Adapter Kit, model TPL-401E2K, for $179.99 and one TPL-401E for $99.99.

Exciting features for this include a Windows manager utility and 128bit AES encryption.  This should prove to be invaluable technology for those who may for one reason or another not be able to setup a wireless network due to interference either from other surrounding signals or structures that may impede signal.

Cool stuff if you ask me!


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