Computer Ventilation

One of the most common areas that is overlooked when we talk about computer performance is ventilation.  Time and time again I see computers that have so much dust and dirt in them that the computer is wound up like a 747 ready to take off and the user is wondering why their computer is crashing all the time and running terribly.  Airflow in a computer is vital to keeping internal components operating normally and minimizing problems that come from too much heat buildup.

Some of the older Dell computers that I have affectionately heard called “piggy back” machines, have a horrible airflow design that lends itself to excessive dust and dirt buildup through the fan ducts.  If you own a model of computer that has very poorly designed ventilation ducts for the fans and is susceptible to clogged vents, you need to pay close attention to these areas as it usually doesn’t take much time for these to become obstructed leading to component failure and machine crashes.

Take a bottle of canned air and make sure to keep these areas blown free of dust and dirt often.  I would say every month would be a good rule of thumb unless the computer is in an extremely dirty location that needs more frequent attention.  If you hear the case fans wound up more than usual, this is a strong indication that the computer is running too hot.  Pay attention to these warning signs.

Keeping your computer clean is a vital task in making sure your computer runs well and that you get the maximum life out of your hardware components.

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