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BDRSuite v7.0.0 GA Released New Features

Explore the new features of Vembu BDR Suite v7.0.0 GA like KVM, Azure, AWS backups, and more as well as a free version for home labs.

Vembu Technologies has recently unveiled the latest BDRSuite v7.0.0 GA, introducing many new features. This release has many new features and enhancements for comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities. Let’s look at BDRSuite v7.0.0 GA and the new features it contains.

What is BDRSuite?

In case you haven’t heard of the BDRSuite data protection solution, it is produced by Vembu. BDRSuite is a self-described cost-effective and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery software that can protect virtual machines, physical servers, endpoints, cloud, SaaS applications, and applications & databases.

It offers onsite, cloud, remote, and hybrid backup solutions, which are features needed by SMBs, enterprises, and managed service providers (MSPs). Vembu also extends BDRSuite with BDRCloud, a secure and scalable cloud backup and recovery solution that allows data recovery from any location in case of a disaster.

Free version for home lab environments

Just a quick mention: if you are looking for a free backup solution for your home lab, there is a free version of BDRSuite to download and play around with:

Free edition includes:

  • VMware & Hyper-V – Free VM backup for 10 VMs
  • Amazon Web Services – Free AWS backup for 10 EC2 instances
  • Windows Workstation – Free disk image backup for 10 Workstations
  • Microsoft 365 – Free Exchange Online mailbox backup for 10 users
  • Google Workspace – Free Gmail backup for 10 users
  • Endpoints – Free file/folder backup for 10 Windows Workstations & Mac

Overview of the new features

Below are the new features contained in BDRSuite v7.0.0:

KVM Backup and RecoveryAgentless backup for KVM virtual machines with flexible recovery options.
Azure Backup and RecoveryAgentless backup support for Azure VMs using Azure Native APIs with incremental backups.
AWS Backup and RecoveryAgentless and incremental backups with customizable policies for AWS infrastructure.
Two-factor authentication (2FA)Backup capabilities with incremental backups for PostgreSQL databases.
File Share Backup and RecoveryBackup for file shares hosted on various platforms with automated backups.
Import backups to a new backup server from the backup repository in challenging scenarios.Enhanced security for BDRSuite Servers with two-factor authentication.
Import Backup DataImport backups to a new backup server from backup repository in challenging scenarios.
Pre/Post Backup ScriptsAutomate tasks before and after backup operations.
File Level Recovery to Source MachineRestore files/folders directly to the source machine.
Overview of BDRsuite v7.0.0 new features
  • Download BDRSuite v7.0.0: You can access the latest version of BDRSuite by visiting Download BDRSuite v7.0.0.
  • Release Notes: For a detailed breakdown of what’s new in this release, please check out our Release Notes.

KVM Backup and Recovery

Vembu BDRSuite now seamlessly integrates with the KVM Hypervisor, introducing an agentless backup solution for KVM virtual machines. This feature provides flexible recovery options, giving you complete control over restoring your critical virtual machines as an entire machine, at the file level, or more.

Azure Backup and Recovery

In this release, Vembu has introduced agentless backup support for Azure virtual machines utilizing Azure Native APIs. This functionality allows for incremental backups, providing the option to store backups either locally or on versatile cloud storages like Azure Blob, AWS S3, Google Cloud, and S3 Compatible storages, ensuring a flexible and reliable backup solution.

AWS Backup and Recovery

Vembu has extended its backup solutions to AWS infrastructure, allowing for agentless backups, incremental backups, and customizable backup policies. This feature enhances flexibility by not only creating snapshots but also providing options on where to store your backup data for Amazon EC2 instances.

PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery

With the new release, Vembu BDRSuite now provides backup capabilities for PostgreSQL databases. With this feature, you have application-level backups, customizable backup policies, and incremental backups, ensuring efficient data protection for the PostgreSQL database.

File Share Backup and Recovery

You can easily backup file shares hosted on NAS devices, Windows, and Linux machines using Vembu BDRSuite. This feature allows for automated backups with flexible scheduling options, backup data retention, and the ability to restore files/folders as needed, ensuring a robust data protection solution for file shares.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication has become the standard for authentication. With BDRSuite v7.0.0, you can strengthen the security of your BDRSuite Servers with Two-Factor Authentication. This feature helps to ensure that only authorized individuals can log in to the BDRSuite Backup Server web console and access critical backup jobs. This helps to strengthen your overall security posture related to data backup infrastructure.

Import Backup Data

This can be particularly useful in scenarios like the failure of a backup server, importing backups from another backup server, or if a backup job has been deleted. Still, the backup data is retained in the backup repository, ensuring continuity and reliability in data protection.

Pre/Post Backup Scripts

Vembu BDRSuite can now automate tasks before and after the backup operation with pre and post-backup scripts for VM, Disk Image, and file-level backups. This functionality allows for a more streamlined backup process, catering to individual backup and recovery needs.

File Level Recovery to Source Machine

You can now restore files/folders directly to the source machine. This simplifies the recovery process, ensuring quicker restoration and minimal downtime.

Enhancements in BDRSuite v7.0.0

This release also includes centralized backup for Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL Database, flexible folder path addition as a backup repository, automatic backup agent installation from BDRSuite Backup Server, and other new features.

Installing BDRSuite v7.0.0

Below is a brief look at the screenshots of installing BDRSuite v7.0.0:

Beginning the installation of bdrsuite v7.0.0
Beginning the installation of bdrsuite v7.0.0

Accept the EULA agreement for the BDRSuite v7.0.0 installation.

Accept the eula
Accept the eula

Choose the installation location.

Customize the installation location
Customize the installation location

You can customize the installed components.

Customize the installation components
Customize the installation components

Choose between standalone installation and cluster installation.

Choose the bdrsuite v7.0.0 installation type
Choose the bdrsuite v7.0.0 installation type
Configure the database storage location for bdrsuite v7.0.0
Configure the database storage location for bdrsuite v7.0.0

Customize the backup server settings.

Customize the bdrsuite v7 backup settings
Customize the bdrsuite v7 backup settings

Finalize the installation.

Finish the bdrsuite v7.0.0 installation
Finish the bdrsuite v7.0.0 installation

Log into your BDRSuite backup and recovery console using the user you configured.

The bdrsuite v7.0.0 dashboard
The bdrsuite v7.0.0 dashboard

Frequently asked questions

How does the KVM Backup and Recovery feature enhance data protection?

The KVM Backup and Recovery feature allows for agentless backup of KVM virtual machines, providing flexible recovery options that can be tailored to specific recovery needs.

What makes the Azure Backup and Recovery feature distinct?

The Azure Backup and Recovery feature utilizes Azure Native APIs for agentless backup support, allowing for incremental backups and storage options.

Can the AWS Backup and Recovery feature handle snapshots?

Yes, the AWS Backup and Recovery feature not only facilitates creating snapshots but also provides options on where to store backup data for Amazon EC2 instances.

How does the PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery feature cater to database protection?

This feature provides application-level backups with customizable policies, ensuring efficient data protection for PostgreSQL databases.

What security measures are implemented in BDRSuite v7.0.0?

BDRSuite v7.0.0 introduces Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to enhance security by ensuring only authorized individuals can access the BDRSuite Backup Server web console.

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