Yahoo CEO nixes remote workers or telecommuters


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made a decision that in today’s IT world has caught the attention of many.  She is doing away with remote workers and in fact has given them the ultimatum to relocate to be able to come into the brick and mortar Yahoo headquarters for work.  This has left many very critical of Mayer’s decision and questioning her logic here.  What do you think?

Here at Computer-howto, we have mixed feelings about this decision.  For the past decade many IT workers have been given the opportunity to work from home and for the most part this has been a very positive thing.  Telecommuting can be very effective for both parties if it is embraced correctly and not abused.  From the experience of many, when a company gives its employees freedom to have the flexibility to create their own work schedule which includes telecommuting, most respond favorably and actually are MORE productive than being forced to come into the brick and mortar walls of a workplace.  We are under the theory here, that if most workers whether IT or other professionals feel like they are appreciated then they actually return that appreciation by being more productive, inventive, and actually put in more hours than those who do not feel appreciated and are forced to abide by certain schedules and such.

It certainly seems that Mayer is returning to the old fashioned world of the mentality that workers have to be under the crack of the whip of a manager at a physical location rather than being allowed to be flexible in their location and such.  This seems to be a surprising turn for our ever connected world in which we live where no matter where you might be, most likely you can connect to the work place.  Has there been some major flaw or element at Yahoo that has created major issues for the company?  We are not sure.

The company so far has been pretty tight lipped about any internal problems that may have necessitated the decision by Mayer.  One thing is for sure, we are probably not hearing the last of this decision by Yahoo to nix remote workers.  Will other major tech companies follow suit?  It is yet to be seen, but we doubt it.