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Dell and VMware to host a cloud computing discussion

Cloud technology is one of the hottest terms in Information Technology these days.  It seems like operating systems, software, social media, mobile devices, and other electronic media are focusing on “connecting to the cloud.”  Integration with cloud technology and services for enterprises and businesses in general is inevitable.  However, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the business community about what exactly cloud computing is or what it can do for business computing and productivity.  Enterprises are looking at how they can benefit from cloud technology.  The challenge for many businesses is how to take all of the available information concerning the cloud, both positive and negative, and process this information into something they can actually use to make good decisions.

As part of an initiative to increase awareness to cloud computing and discuss the real benefits and concerns of this technology, Dell and VMware are set to host a discussion on 6/27/12 where consumers will be able to voice questions and concerns directly to the panel.  Rob La Gesse, a social media expert named by Forbes Magazine will moderate this discussion with Dell and VMware executives listening to customers concerning cloud technology – including security, reliability, backups, and ownership.  Other prominent technology specialists will be in attendance as well and will weigh in on the discussion.

The unique part of this discussion is that it is focused on taking the information gathered from customers concerning this new technology and use that information moving forward with Dell cloud solutions.  However, this is more of an overall look at the cloud market and will not focus specifically on Dell branded solutions.  If you are interested in where the cloud is headed, check out this exciting discussion among industry leaders who will both shed light on the topic as well as listen to end users on its strengths and weaknesses.

If you would like more information concerning the event, visit this blog for updates and for more information on Dells cloud computing services check this out.



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