Samsung Galaxy S No official ICS update

Samsung recently released news about the official ICS update.  It seems as though the company will be rolling out ICS for popular headsets in the first part of the year.  However, the Samsung Galaxy S official update seems to be left out of the mix.  Take a look at the official blog post from Samsung here.  It is a bit surprising that the very popular Galaxy S is being left off the list.  Will it stay that way or perhaps be added later?  Only time will tell.

Are Galaxy S owners left in the lurch on this one completely?  Absolutely not!  In fact the ever popular Cyanogenmod already has a working port of ICS on the Galaxy S and users who are not afraid of having an even better OS (minus bloatware) and a “Carrier-IQ” free handset!  The build release of ICS from Cyanogen is not currently official yet, however, Cyanogenmod 9 should be coming after the first of the year.  Users can easily find the beta versions of this release for the Galaxy S on the net with a quick search.  Thanks to the Cyanogen guys who have really been awesome for the smartphone community in making sure we have the latest and greatest available without having to wait on the ever slow carriers and phone vendors to finally get the job done.

Take a look at the video below showing the port to the Galaxy S

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