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Cyanogenmod promises to never include apps like Carrier IQ

Our friends at Cyanogenmod have vowed to never include spyware apps such as Carrier IQ in their distributions of Cyanogenmod.  We are huge fans of Cyanogenmod here at Computer-howto and to send kudos to the developers there for providing such an awesome product to help Android users achieve the purest and richest Android experience of any ROMs out there.  We wanted to pass along the blog article posted on the Cyanogenmod website here in which comments from Russell Holly are posted where he promises that software such as Carrier IQ will never be made part of CM.

Carrier IQ created a frenzy among security professionals and the media alike, when Developer Trevor Eckhart discovered the hidden app recording every keystroke made on his device.  It was found that millions of smartphones include this hidden app that could potentially be breaching the personal privacy of everyone running Android or IOS software.


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