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Avast Version 5 – Great Free Virus Scan

Many home users who purchase new computers usually do not worry about their virus scan programs/definitions as complimentary subscriptions are usually included in the price of the computer. However, when the subscription runs out, many find themselves in a dangerous unprotected position. Most subscription based virus scan products are pretty costly and many home users are not happy with the results of the virus scans as often times users become infected even with a current subscription service.

In recent years many virus companies have been offering a free “home” product that allows you to download a copy of their virus scan product which is a fully functional product that may contain some limitations as to functionality, but core necessary functions are intact. One such company that is gaining clout in the industry for a great free product is Avast.

Many home users have been using Avast in its version “4” rendition and have been happy with performance and of course the price. The interface however with version 4 left much to be desired with a cumbersome and somewhat awkward music player type interface that did not make much sense. With the introduction of version 5, things have changed.

Version 5 sports major improvements in the look and feel of the interface. Things are tremendously simplified with the more standard look and feel of most pay virus scans and a new and improved virus scan engine under the hood. We at are majorly impressed with the new interface and performance/security of the new antivirus engine. Avast is definitely turning up the heat on the “big fish” virus scan companies and the gap between the free product they offer and the pay versions of other companies is all but gone. Take a look at the CNET video below:

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