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What is cloud squatting cybersecurity threat?

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Have you heard about the term "cloud squatting"? What is it?

Cloud squatting refers to the situation where a previously used IP address, initially rented by one organization from a cloud service provider, is reassigned to a different tenant after the original tenant stops using it. The issue arises because the original organization may inadvertently leave references to this IP address active, such as in their DNS records, or in connections from their servers, cloud services, or end-user devices.

For example, a mobile app might have the IP address hard-coded into it. When the IP address is assigned to a new tenant, this new tenant might unintentionally receive network traffic intended for the original service. If this traffic is intercepted by malicious actors, they could exploit it to extract sensitive user data. Thus, cloud squatting poses a significant security risk, primarily when old IP addresses are reused without proper clearance of associated data and access configurations.

Check out the interesting post below on why it is a risk moving into 2024:


Posted : 26/12/2023 11:22 am