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Critical RCE bug in 92000 DLINK NAS devices CVE-2024-3273

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Heads up if you are using an older DLINK NAS device:

Attackers are targeting 92,000 D-Link NAS devices that are old and unpatched. These devices have a serious security flaw, CVE-2024-3273, caused by a hardcoded account and a command injection issue. Criminals are using this flaw to spread Mirai malware for DDoS attacks.

The attacks began after a security researcher revealed the flaw, which D-Link won't fix because the devices are no longer supported. Affected models include DNS-340L, DNS-320L, DNS-327L, and DNS-325. The flaw lets attackers run commands, access data, change settings, or disrupt services.

D-Link advised replacing these old devices. They also released a security notice and a support page but warned that updates won't fully protect the devices. They highlighted the risk of exposing NAS devices online, especially to ransomware attacks. Other D-Link devices, also outdated, have been targeted by Mirai-based attacks.

Posted : 08/04/2024 10:52 pm