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Xen Orchestra 5.92 released with new features

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The release of XO 5.92 marks a significant update for Xen Orchestra, a project designed to support cybersecurity professionals and system administrators with a comprehensive set of tools for managing virtual environments. This latest version introduces several new features that reflect the project's ongoing commitment to innovation and community engagement.

One of the notable aspects of this release is the project's shift towards greater transparency and open collaboration. Historically, Xen Orchestra has been open source, sharing its code with the community. The decision to open up the entire project further emphasizes a commitment to transparency, inviting more direct input and collaboration from its user base and contributors.

Project & Community Insights: Xen Orchestra and the broader Vates community continue to evolve, driven by active engagement and contributions from users and developers alike. This segment usually offers insights into the project's development and the community's role in that process.

Popularity and Engagement Trends: There's been a noticeable increase in the migration from VMware to Xen Orchestra, supported by significant growth in website traffic, trial requests, inquiries, and overall community engagement. Such metrics suggest Xen Orchestra is gaining traction in its domain, potentially doubling its reach and impact. This trend underscores a growing recognition of Xen Orchestra as a viable alternative in the virtualization space, driven by its open nature and the robust features it offers.

February's activity levels set new records, with a 30% increase in forum activity and a doubling of registrations and trial sign-ups, indicating a heightened interest in the platform. Demo requests have notably surged by 300%, highlighting a significant spike in prospective users exploring Xen Orchestra's capabilities.

Media Coverage and Discussions: The visibility of Xen Orchestra in the broader tech and virtualization communities has been growing, as evidenced by increased media coverage and discussions. Highlights include an interview on the "Great Things with Great Tech!" podcast, which offers valuable insights into the project's journey and future directions. Additionally, articles and blog posts from industry players like StarWind Software and TrueNAS have discussed transitioning to Xen Orchestra, providing practical advice and highlighting its benefits as a VMware alternative.

The technical community's increasing interest in Xen Orchestra, coupled with the project's commitment to openness and user engagement, paints a picture of a vibrant ecosystem. This ecosystem not only supports but actively contributes to the development and refinement of Xen Orchestra, signaling a promising trajectory for the platform's future.

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Posted : 29/02/2024 11:36 am