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Windows February 2024 Updates Error 0x800F0922

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Microsoft has identified that the February 2024 updates are not installing properly on Windows 11 versions 22H2 and 23H2, presenting users with the error code 0x800F0922 and halting the download process at 96%.

Those affected by this issue may notice a new entry in the Windows Event Viewer indicating the 0x800F0922 error code.

Affected systems will display the following message upon the failure of the security updates to install: "Something didn't go as planned. No need to worry – undoing changes. Please keep your computer on."

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue on the Windows release health dashboard, stating, "Windows 11 devices trying to apply the February 2024 security update, released on February 13, 2024 (KB5034765), may encounter installation failures, with the system freezing at 96%."

The company has announced it is working on a solution and will issue an update in a future release.

In the meantime, Microsoft suggests a temporary workaround for those impacted: deleting the hidden 'C:\$WinREAgent' folder. It may be necessary to restart the system after this action to successfully install the February 2024 security updates.

The root of the update installation challenges, while not explicitly stated by Microsoft, appears to be related to the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), inferred from the suggested workaround. This follows a similar incident in January 2024, where WinRE issues led to the failure of the Windows 10 KB5034441 update, resulting in 0x80070643 errors.

Microsoft is also addressing the January update installation issues with a permanent solution, having already provided PowerShell scripts as a temporary fix.

Additionally, Microsoft's support documentation suggests that the 0x800F0922 error could indicate insufficient free space in the System Reserved partition, which might be resolved with third-party software to enlarge this partition. The error might also imply difficulties connecting to the Windows Update servers, potentially resolved by disconnecting from VPN connections and attempting the upgrade again.

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Posted : 27/02/2024 8:35 am