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Windows Autopatch new features in February 2024

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Microsoft has introduced enhancements to the Update rings for Windows 10 and later, now in preview, which allow the management of feature and quality updates for Windows devices. These Update rings are now integrated into Windows Autopatch for customers, allowing customers to import existing Update ring policies directly into the Autopatch management system.

This integration aims to streamline Windows updates by utilizing the Autopatch's capabilities without altering existing update schedules. Devices targeted by these imported rings are automatically registered with Windows Autopatch, with their status reflected in both reporting and release management.

Also, Windows Autopatch has introduced customer-defined service outcomes in preview, allowing for more tailored deployment success measures. Unlike the previous static 21-day schedule for determining deployment success, the new model adapts to the customer-defined rings, enhancing the precision of update compliance monitoring. This update includes additional reporting features to better track the progress of quality and feature updates.

Better reporting and refresh speeds

Significant improvements have also been made to the data refresh speed and reporting accuracy for Windows Autopatch. The update frequency for reporting and user interface components has been increased from every 24 hours to every 30 minutes. This will no doubt provide much better insights into patch compliance status across a client landscape, leveraging multiple data streams to keep all enrolled devices up to date.

Microsoft encourages users to take advantage of these Windows Autopatch enhancements to maintain secure and current devices effortlessly. These updates are part of Microsoft's commitment to improving user experience based on customer feedback. Users are invited to share their experiences and suggestions through the feedback hub or community forums to further refine Windows Autopatch services.

Posted : 16/02/2024 6:42 pm