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Windows 11 testing new AI-boosted Automatic Super Resolution

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Microsoft is quietly testing a new AI-driven feature within a Windows 11 build, dubbed Automatic Super Resolution, which could be seen as Microsoft's counterpart to advanced image enhancement technologies such as Nvidia's DLSS. This feature, discovered by Twitter users within Windows 11 Build 26052, might also serve as a more comprehensive setting similar to the existing Dynamic Lighting functionality.

The discovery of Automatic Super Resolution was initially reported by a Twitter user, found in a test version of Windows 11 available through Microsoft's Insider program. This inclusion suggests Microsoft's intent to explore AI-enhanced visual technologies, although it remains uncertain if this feature will be officially released to all users. The focus on AI enhancement hints at a strong possibility of its future availability.

Microsoft is planning to introduce this feature to developers under the name DirectSR, as revealed in a preview for the upcoming Game Developer Conference. The initiative aims to simplify the integration of super resolution support across Windows devices for game developers, with insights shared by representatives from Microsoft, AMD, and Nvidia.

The feature remains well-concealed within the Windows operating system, unearthed by enthusiasts using specialized tools to activate hidden functionalities. This method allows Microsoft to conduct A/B testing discreetly, gauging user response to new features. Through similar exploration, the Automatic Super Resolution feature was activated, showcasing its presence in the Windows 11 Settings under System > Display > Graphics, positioned near the AutoHDR setting introduced in 2021.

In addition to a toggle switch for enabling or disabling Automatic Super Resolution, the settings menu provides a placeholder link for more information, which currently directs users to Microsoft's DirectX developer blog. Notably, the feature's implementation allows for individual activation for each installed game, although it cannot be enabled simultaneously with Auto HDR, suggesting potential compatibility considerations.

The function of Automatic Super Resolution, based on limited testing, remains somewhat unclear. Its name suggests a mechanism similar to AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution or Nvidia's DLSS, where game frames are rendered at a lower resolution and then upscaled for a balance between higher frame rates and enhanced image quality. However, the actual performance and impact of Microsoft's Automatic Super Resolution in practice have yet to be fully assessed.

Posted : 26/02/2024 3:51 pm