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VMware immediate end of availability and perpetual licensing vSphere vSAN Aria and others

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Brandon Lee
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With Broadcom's recent changes announced on December 11, 2023, they're moving away from the old-school way of selling software (where you buy it once and own it forever) to a subscription model, where you pay regularly for access. Think of it like switching from buying DVDs to streaming on Netflix.

They've tidied up their product line to focus on their star players: VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere Foundation. Alongside these, they're offering some fancy optional extras for those who need more advanced features.

The big news of this is most of their products are being taken off the shelves (this is what they mean by "End of Availability"). This includes most ways you could buy these products - outright purchase, ongoing support and subscription deals, cloud-based versions, and the usual subscription models. If it's on their list, you can't buy it anymore.

The list is long and covers a wide range of VMware's stuff, from various versions of vSphere (like Enterprise Plus, Standard, ROBO, and others) to different Cloud Foundation offerings. It also includes many other solutions like vSAN, Site Recovery Manager, and even their newer Aria Suite.

For customers, this means when it's time to renew or upgrade, VMware will point them towards their subscription products that fit their needs best. It's a big shift for VMware, focusing more on ongoing subscriptions rather than one-time purchases. For users, it's like getting a regular software update service, where you always have the latest and greatest, but of course, it also means ongoing payments.

  • VMware vSphere variants (Enterprise Plus, vSphere+, Standard, ROBO, Scale Out, Desktop, Acceleration Kits, Essentials Kit, Essentials Plus Kit, Starter/Foundation, with Operations Management, Basic, Advanced, Storage Appliance, Hypervisor)
  • VMware Cloud Foundation variants (excluding new VCF subscription offering, for VDI, for ROBO)
  • VMware SDDC Manager
  • VMware vCenter variants (Standard, Foundation)
  • VMware vSAN variants (Standard, ROBO, Desktop)
  • VMware HCI Kit
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • VMware Cloud Editions/Cloud Packs
  • VMware vCloud Suite
  • VMware Aria Suite variants (including those formerly known as vRealize Suite, vRealize Cloud Universal, and their Term and Universal versions)
  • VMware Aria Operations variants (for Networks, for Networks Universal, for Logs, 8 Application Monitoring Add-On, Operations, Automation, Automation for Secure Hosts add-on, Operations for Integrations)
  • VMware Cloud Director and Cloud Director Service
  • VMware NSX variants (Standard, for Desktop, ROBO, Distributed Firewall, Gateway Firewall, Threat Prevention for both Distributed and Gateway Firewalls, Advanced Threat Prevention for both Distributed and Gateway Firewalls, Advanced Load Balancer)
  • VMware Container Networking Enterprise with Antrea

Posted : 16/01/2024 10:53 pm
Brandon Lee
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Another blurb about the killing off of so many VMware products at least in their perpectual form.

@jnew1213, I'm wondering what your take is on the massive changes. Have you guys heard anything as of yet from account reps and such? Curious on the strategy of big VMware customers at this point. 

Posted : 18/01/2024 10:32 pm
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I suspect the listing published was a list that omitted SKUs and that the list represented perpetual licensed SKUs. Somewhere, there's an identical list of products which will continue to be offered, and those omitted SKUs will be subscription SKUs.

No, we haven't heard anything from our support team. I've been relaying what I see on Reddit to them though.

Training starts tomorrow on Aria Operations for Logs. Two classes (four hours total) for each of two groups of folks. Instructor out of India.

Posted : 18/01/2024 11:05 pm