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Veeam Data Cloud provides a single cloud platform for data protection and recovery

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Veeam Software has recently launched Veeam Data Cloud, a new service hosted on Microsoft Azure. This platform is designed to provide Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) for both Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. It aims to offer a blend of reliability and accessibility, focusing on simplicity for the user while integrating advanced data protection and security features.

Anand Eswaran, the CEO of Veeam, cited the Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2024, which indicated a high propensity among enterprises towards adopting BaaS or Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions for their server operations. Veeam, recognized for its leadership in data protection and ransomware recovery, especially in Microsoft 365 backups, is extending its expertise into these as-a-service offerings. These are made available through the Veeam Data Platform, aiming to simplify backup management while ensuring cyber resilience.

The Veeam Data Cloud, leveraging Microsoft Azure's infrastructure, is designed to be cloud-native and is built around zero-trust principles. It uses Azure Blob Storage, providing an isolated and secure environment for data backups. This service is intended to be comprehensive, including backup software, infrastructure, and storage, thus streamlining management and keeping costs predictable.

John Annand from Info-Tech Research Group acknowledges Veeam's history of creating accessible technology. He notes that Veeam Data Cloud can simplify the deployment of backup solutions, allowing IT professionals to allocate their expertise to other critical areas. The service is designed to offer cyber resilience and data protection across diverse business needs.

Veeam Data Cloud for Microsoft 365 leverages Veeam's established Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, transforming it into a cloud-hosted service. It offers extensive data protection and recovery for Microsoft 365 components like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams. This allows businesses full control over their Microsoft 365 data.

Stuart Hudson from Sun Chemical highlights the value of Veeam Data Cloud in protecting critical data exchanged through Microsoft 365 apps by their global workforce. He appreciates the cyber resilience it brings and the cost savings from not needing to manage backup infrastructure.

Veeam Data Cloud for Microsoft Azure represents Veeam's inaugural SaaS backup service for Azure, designed to be fully hosted and pre-configured. It aims to deliver efficient backup and recovery solutions that manage cloud costs and ensure business continuity. This service offers comprehensive protection for Azure VMs, Azure SQL, and Azure Files, emphasizing quick ROI, enterprise readiness, and confident recoverability through customizable RPOs and RTOs.

Veeam Data Cloud’s introduction to the market signifies a strategic move by Veeam to bolster its as-a-service offerings, catering to the growing demand for flexible, reliable, and comprehensive data protection solutions in the cloud.

Posted : 29/02/2024 11:21 am