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Microsoft sudo command PowerShell script download

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Brandon Lee
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Check out the notes on the new Microsoft sudo command for Windows 11 insider builds you can download for free from Github as a PowerShell script wrapper:

Sudo for Windows introduces the capability for users to execute commands with elevated privileges directly from terminals that do not have elevated status.

This feature is integrated into Windows 11, starting from build 26045 onwards. Users participating in the Insiders program who have access to builds featuring sudo can activate this function through the "Developer Features" section within the Windows Settings application.

The team behind this initiative is currently working towards making the source code publicly available and encourages the community to report any issues or suggest enhancements.

Comparison with Linux's sudo

While both Windows and Linux offer a sudo command to elevate user permissions, the implementations are inherently different due to the distinct nature of each operating system's command line interface and permissions model. Sudo for Windows is not derived from the Linux sudo project; it is a completely independent implementation tailored for the Windows environment.

Due to these fundamental differences, users may notice that some aspects of the Linux sudo experience are not replicated in Sudo for Windows, necessitating modifications to scripts or documentation originally designed for Linux's sudo to ensure compatibility with the Windows version.

Documentation and Contribution

Documentation for the project is hosted at, and contributions to the documentation are welcome through pull requests submitted to the Sudo for Windows Documentation repository.

The open-sourcing process for Sudo for Windows is ongoing, with updates to be announced.

sudo.ps1 Script

In the interim, contributions can be made to the sudo.ps1 script, a PowerShell helper designed to augment the user experience of utilizing sudo. This script serves as a more user-friendly interface for sudo.exe and is located within the scripts/ directory of the project.

Posted : 08/02/2024 10:32 pm
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