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Microsoft introduces Windows Server Flighting for updates

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Microsoft has introduced a new update process for Windows Server systems participating in the Windows Insider open software testing program.

Starting now, administrators can opt for automatic installation of new Insider builds through Windows Update, a shift from the previous method of manual deployment using clean installation or in-place upgrades.

Artem Pronichkin, a Microsoft software engineer, explains, "If you have a recent Windows Server insider build installed, you can now go to Windows Update in the Settings app, and check for updates. This will fetch you a newer build as a Feature update (also known as 'in-place OS upgrade')."

Microsoft plans to release each new build simultaneously on Windows Update ("flighting") and as an ISO file for the Windows Server Insider community. This gives users the flexibility to either continue using the traditional Setup method for upgrades or to opt for the Windows Update method.

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Pronichkin also noted that the manual installation option for Windows Server Insider builds remains available for administrators who prefer to download and deploy updates themselves.

Posted : 26/01/2024 8:10 pm