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Configure Bitwarden Passkey support now available

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Brandon Lee
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Bitwarden, the popular open-source password manager, has introduced the option for users to access their web vaults using passkeys. You have probably heard about passkeys as they are a more secure method than traditional username and password combinations.

Passkeys offer enhanced security over typical passwords and are designed to be resistant to phishing attacks. With Bitwarden's system, users can unlock their vaults without needing their master password, email address, or two-factor authentication (2FA).

Beta Stage for Passkey Implementation Bitwarden is currently testing passkeys in a beta phase, utilizing the PRF WebAuthn extension. This extension is pivotal for both verifying user identities and retrieving an encryption key to decrypt vault contents.

According to Ryan Luibrand, Bitwarden's Senior Product Marketing Manager, applications like Bitwarden that use end-to-end encryption require a dual approach: user authentication and secure data encryption/decryption.

For encryption, a constant key is needed, typically derived from a password. However, a passkey, which remains undisclosed to the application, generates a unique value each time a user logs in.

Take a look at Bitwarden's passkey support here:


Posted : 11/01/2024 10:45 pm