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What are the best certifications in 2024?

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Brandon Lee
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Anyone going after any certifications in 2024? I am thinking about the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). What about you guys? Are there any technologies you are learning in 2024 that are new to you or for certification purposes?

@t3hbeowulf you have your CKA by chance?

Posted : 13/01/2024 5:41 pm
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Brandon Lee
Posts: 446
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@jnew1213 are you still going after VMware certs by chance?

Posted : 15/01/2024 10:46 pm
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I have my VCP-DCV and VCP-DTM (Desktop Management -- Horizon). I'm not currently pursuing anything else. I did take the class for VCAP-DCV Deploy, but never seriously followed up on getting certified.

My boss sends his teams to whatever training we need each year to keep our certs current. It's nice to take a class and not have to worry about following that up with an exam.

We were also pushed last year, or the year prior, to get a entry level Cloud Practitioner cert from Amazon. I took the online course, but didn't take the exam. We're not using "raw" AWS. We did experiment a little with VMware's SDDC on AWS, but that's nowhere near what the Cloud Practitioner course and cert cover.

I'm starting to think I've personally aged-out of taking exams, to be honest. I never want to stop learning, but being tested... that's a different thing. I was never a great exam taker either.

Posted : 15/01/2024 11:20 pm