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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS new features and download

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The recent release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) is here with many new features that enhance the user experience and security.

System Installation and Usability Improvements: Ubuntu 24.04 LTS introduces a streamlined installation process, making use of a unified backend for both desktop and server setups. This is achieved through the Subiquity installer, which is now matched with a new Flutter-based front end.

These improvements simplify the installation process and enhance accessibility and user experience. The installer now includes additional support for ZFS filesystem options and encryption. You can more easily handle dual-boot setups and address a rising demand for tighter security. This includes experimental hardware-backed full disk encryption.

Autoinstall Feature and App Center Upgrades: Another new feature is the autoinstall support integrated into the graphical installer. This feature facilitates automated, customizable installation processes for users and enterprises. This functionality helps with zero-touch provisioning. The updated App Center is built on Flutter and provides a modern interface for app management and discovery. It integrates user ratings and supports both Snap and traditional deb package installations.

Core Applications and GNOME Enhancements: The update includes the latest GNOME 46. It brings many improvements in terms of performance and usability, such as file manager enhancements and new settings options. Ubuntu 24.04 LTS continues to build on GNOME's capabilities and intrroduces features like the Tiling Assistant for better workspace management. It also has triple buffering to improve graphical performance.

Networking and System Management: Netplan 1.0 as the default networking configuration tool in Ubuntu 24.04. It helps to standardize network management across all platforms. This version maintains compatibility with NetworkManager. It also helps with flexibility in network configuration.

Ubuntu 24.04 also has expanded Active Directory integration. This helps to enhance capabilities for managing Ubuntu in environments that also use Windows and that are using Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to for policy and governance.

Security and Compliance Enhancements: You can manage Personal Package Archives (PPAs) with improved security protocols and the restriction of unprivileged user namespaces. This helps increase security isolation for applications. Ubuntu is using this as a step to help to secure software management and compliance.

Future Outlook: Planned enhancements include expanding compatibility for third-party cloud-based identity providers and improving enterprise tooling for Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS continues to move the Ubuntu platform forward with the needs of organizations looking for better compatibility, automation, and security. There are a lot of great features in this release to note. Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Desktop and Server are now available for download from Ubuntu here:



Posted : 25/04/2024 2:02 pm