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Microsoft driver blocks changing the default browser with the registry

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Brandon Lee
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Microsoft has created a driver to stop changes to the default browser and other default settings on Windows. This is done by preventing tools like regedit or PowerShell from modifying certain registry keys. Christoph Kolbicz found this driver.

The driver blocks third-party utilities from changing default settings for web protocols and .pdf files. Its release was gradual and unpredictable. Kolbicz received many reports of its impact, including from businesses and schools. Microsoft updated the driver, expanding the list of blocked programs.

They can now quickly adapt, blocking more actions. Additionally, even if you disable this driver, a scheduled task will reactivate it and undo any registry changes. This might be linked to EU regulations, but the driver is also found on systems outside the EU, which adds confusion.

Posted : 08/04/2024 10:56 pm