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Get Windows 11 pro for cheap through April 2nd

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If you're looking at snagging a copy of Windows 11 Pro, right now, you can grab the latest Windows 11 Pro from Microsoft at a special price of only $24.97, down from the usual $199, but only for a short time.

With this purchase, you'll get all the latest features, including the new Copilot assistant. Copilot can summarize documents, start playing your favorite songs, and much more, thanks to its AI technology. This AI is also used to add better editing tools to the Paint app.

Windows 11 Pro also uses extra security features, like fingerprint and facial recognition, secure login, and Smart App Control to keep your computer safe.

DirectX 12 Ultimate also delivers stunning visuals and makes the system easier to use. Windows 11 Pro also speeds up your computer and boosts its overall performance.

Also, keep in mind with Windows 11 Pro, you get Hyper-V included as part of the license. So, for home labbers, this is a great deal to have a daily driver that you can also use for some lab work.

Don't miss out on this deal to get Windows 11 Pro for just $24.97 if you buy by April 2.

Posted : 25/03/2024 11:42 am