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Anyone used Faddom ...
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Anyone used Faddom before for application dependency monitoring?

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Brandon Lee
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@jnew1213 @malcolm-r @t3hbeowulf @ghaleon I was curious if you guys or anyone else has tried or used Faddom before for application dependency monitoring. It has a lot of really great features from what it looks like. I have a trial version in the lab now and will be trying it out for the next few days.

Posted : 24/12/2023 2:45 pm
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i haven't used it, and i'm not sure (personally) how useful i'd find it. my lab has more complexity than it needs but it's not *that* complex 😀

Posted : 24/12/2023 3:20 pm
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Nope. Haven't heard of it.

Dependency isn't an issue (yet). I have two apps that are dependent on containers, one sitting on a Synology NAS and one running in an Ubuntu Server VM. There are apps that have SQL or other database dependencies (Veeam), but I've co-located a database with the app in the same VM. Exception: Horizon connection servers use a SQL Server hosted in a utility VM.

Almost every app is dependent to some degree on inside DNS. None are dependent on DHCP; servers and VMs have static IP addresses. I have static IPs from my ISP as well.

Outside facing Web sites are dependent on a single IIS server. Each site is checked at five-minute intervals by Plex is as well.

I used to have a mail relay (internal only) here for application messaging, but over the years, all apps seem to have integrated Gmail connectivity. I think the relay is unused. I'd be impressed if any piece of software were able to tell me that application-abc relies on a mail server on VM-xyz to send mail. I'd be impressed also if an app's logging were discovered to be dependent on Log Insight, which pretty much everything logs to.

I'll wait for your trusted review and may take a look at Faddom, just out of curiosity.

Posted : 24/12/2023 3:24 pm