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AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Desktop and Ryzen Pro 8040 mobile processors released

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AMD has released the new Ryzen Pro 8000 Deskop and Ryzen Pro 8040 mobile processors:

  • Product Introduction: AMD introduced the Ryzen PRO 8000 desktop processors and Ryzen PRO 8040 mobile processors, which feature high performance for creative tasks, gaming, and accelerated work assignments.

  • Architecture and Availability: Both processors are based on the x86 instruction set and AMD’s Zen 4 CPU architecture, similar to the 8000G desktop processors launched in January. They will be available internationally starting April 16.

  • Desktop Processors Features:

    • Part of the Ryzen PRO 8000 series, these processors are integrated with the Ryzen AI software platform.
    • Capable of handling processing-intensive tasks like video editing during live Teams or Zoom meetings.
    • Compatible with the AMD Pro platform, offering enhanced security and manageability tailored for corporate IT environments.
  • AI and Performance:

    • The Ryzen PRO 8000 series can deliver 16 mobile dedicated NPU TOPS and 39 total system TOPS, outperforming Intel’s comparable processors.
    • Ryzen AI technology reduces the time to the first token and improves tokens per second, enhancing performance for applications like generative AI.
  • Security Features:

    • New security and recovery features are expected in 2024 for desktops with AMD Pro, including integration with the Microsoft Pluton processor and AMD Memory Guard for encryption.
  • Mobile Processors:

    • The Ryzen PRO 8040 series processors, suitable for both new and refurbished laptops from brands like HP and Lenovo, set to launch in 2024.
    • These processors offer improvements in power efficiency and AI performance compared to the previous Ryzen PRO 7040 series, which also features up to 8 high-performance cores.
  • Competition:

    • AMD's Ryzen PRO 8000 series processors for desktops and Ryzen PRO 8040 for laptops compete directly with Intel’s Core and Core Ultra processors.

Posted : 16/04/2024 9:29 am