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AdGuard DNS 2.7 Released with New Features

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AdGuard DNS has released version 2.7 on April 22, 2024. The new release incorporates several updates targeting better user security and improving the interface usability.

Key Updates in AdGuard DNS v2.7:

DNS-over-HTTPS with Authentication: In this release, Adguard has included DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) with authentication. This feature secures DNS queries by encrypting the data and also adds an authentication layer requiring a device-specific login and password.

This limits the chance of unauthorized access and provides a more secure network environment. By enforcing authentication, AdGuard DNS makes sure that DNS queries are not only encrypted but also that they originate from authenticated devices. This helps reduce the risk of DNS spoofing and other cyber attacks.

Redesigned User Interface: The redesign of the settings and device management interfaces helps simplify navigation and make management tasks easier. It improves the layout and functionality allowing users to efficiently manage their devices.

For instance, deleting all devices from a server with a single click and customizing how many devices appear in the server settings increases administrative efficiency. This helps for users with multiple devices.

Additional Features and Fixes:

  • The update allows user rules to remain unchanged during imports, which preserves custom configurations and prevents the hassle of reconfiguring settings post-update.
  • The resolution of an issue with YouTube’s restricted mode not functioning on Firefox enhances the reliability of content filtering across different browsers.

Takeaways: These updates help bolster security through enhancements like DoH with authentication and also improve user experience. The changes in device management and settings interface are aimed at reducing the time and effort required for configurations and adjustments.

Posted : 22/04/2024 2:17 pm