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Commvault Announces New Security Capabilities including Cloud Command and Threat Scan

In an evolving cybersecurity landscape, Commvault, a global leader in enterprise data protection, has launched advanced security features across its portfolio. The company has strategically expanded its security ecosystem, establishing deep product integrations with prominent players like Microsoft and CyberArk. This bold step marks a new phase in Commvault’s evolution, aimed at helping businesses secure, defend, and restore their data amid sophisticated cyber threats. Let’s look at the news, Commvault Announces New Security Capabilities, including new solutions they are bringing to the table to help organizations fight cybersecurity threats, such as Cloud Command.

Advancing Cybersecurity Threats

In 2023 already, we have witnessed several high-profile cybersecurity incidents that underline these threats’ persisting and evolving nature.

Cyber threats are advancing
Cyber threats are advancing

In June, there was a significant hack involving MOVEit, a popular file transfer tool. Consequently, this incident compromised sensitive data for numerous firms using the software, such as British Airways, BBC, and the province of Nova Scotia. The Russian ransomware group Clop claimed responsibility for this attack​​.

The healthcare sector wasn’t spared either. In May, Apria Healthcare announced that personal data of about 1.9 million customers might have been exposed during a data breach that occurred in 2019 and again in 2021​1​. In the same month, PharMerica, a US pharmaceutical giant, revealed that an unknown actor had accessed its systems and extracted personal data of 5.8 million individuals​​.

Automotive industry faced its share of threats too. Suzuki had to halt operations at a plant in India after a cyberattack that resulted in an estimated production loss of over 20,000 vehicles​​.

Even government institutions weren’t impervious to these threats. As a result, personal information of approximately 237,000 US government employees was exposed due to a data breach in the Department of Transport​​.

These incidents underline the growing challenge of cybersecurity threats in today’s digital age. Regardless of their size or industry, businesses must recognize the importance of investing in robust cybersecurity measures, continually updating and patching their systems, and fostering a culture of security awareness among their employees. The examples above serve as a stark reminder that no one is immune to these

Commvault Announces New Security Capabilities

First of all, who is Commvault?

Who is Commvault?

Commvault is a global leader in cloud data protection. Its Intelligent Data Services protect customers’ data in an increasingly challenging world. Offering a simplified and unified Data Protection Platform across various data sources, Commvault solutions are accessible via numerous channels. These include software subscriptions, integrated appliances, partner-managed offerings, and Software as a Service through the Commvault-built Metallic portfolio.

New Commvault Cybersecurity offerings

Commvault Announces New Security Capabilities – Commvault’s vision of data protection now includes advanced early warning technologies. Significantly, these are designed to mitigate threats before they strike, secure enterprise data in the event of a breach, and ensure a seamless recovery. It helps provide resilience against evolving cyber threats. Commvault uniquely offers early threat detection, in-depth monitoring, and cyber deception in production and backup environments. It is capable of detecting threats in as little as five minutes.

Available in Q2, these advanced security features will be managed via the innovative Commvault Cloud Command interface. This interface provides an integrated dashboard that offers comprehensive insights into crucial software indicators, improving security postures. This helps ensure a clean, efficient data recovery, and supporting informed business decisions.

The new advanced security capabilities include:

  • Commvault Cloud Command: It is a unified platform providing a universal management solution for all Commvault offerings, offering a health-at-a-glance. Features include risk levels, security and recovery indicators, and more.
  • Commvault Risk Analysis: It utilizes machine learning to quarantine and delete sensitive data, allowing organizations to discover, analyze, and secure sensitive data. This solution helps prevent cyber exposure and potential data exfiltration.
  • Commvault Threat Scan: Inspects backup content to identify encrypted, corrupted, or suspicious datasets, ensuring clean recoveries and preventing reinfection.
  • Commvault Auto Recovery: It is a cyber analysis tool that tests recovery readiness at scale and provides forensic analysis. It helps determine validated and sanitized recovery points.
  • ThreatWise Advisor: Integrated logic that intelligently recommends decoy placement, hardens critical workloads, and reduces cognitive load for users and administrators.

In addition, Commvault has announced collaborations with Microsoft and CyberArk, integrating Commvault’s technology with their industry-leading security platforms. These collaborations enhance organizations’ security postures through automated incident response, better collaboration, and deeper insights into the threat landscape.

Commvault’s latest security innovations, available through Commvault and its worldwide network of partners in Q2, underscore its commitment to providing robust defense mechanisms against increasingly complex cyber threats, thereby strengthening security architectures and compliance measures.

For more information about these advancements and integrations, visit Commvault’s official blog and the Supporting Technologies page.

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