Untangle 10 slow to apply network changes

I wanted to put this question out to you fellow admins out in the field who have experience with using both Untangle 9 and the new Untangle version 10.  Do you find Untangle 10 slow to apply network changes?  In the past several years of experience with Untangle versions up through 9 and now version 10, it is my experience in production environments that Untangle version 10 is much more disruptive when applying any type of network change.  Simply changing bypass rules and other seemingly minimal changes seems to take quite a while to commit compared to the same operation in version 9.  Traffic even on a healthy poweredge server running version 10 is interrupted for much longer when applying changes in version 10 compared to version 9.

With Untangle version 10 there was a total redesign of the network architecture with many additional and welcome feature enhancements.  It was basically designed from the ground up hence the lack of an upgrade path from Untangle 9 to version 10.  The new features including IPV6 capability as well as 802.1q VLAN tagging comprise most of the heavy hitting features with version 10.  Recently, in a production environment I migrated back to version 9 for now as the disruption of any minimal changes in version 10 doesn’t warrant the new features it brings, most of which in the particular environment, we have not implemented  as the environment does not use IPV6 or have any VLANs configured for now.

After moving back to version 9, the performance issues with applying changes have once again become minimal and we are now able to commit changes without difficulty and very unnoticeable disruption to end users which makes life much easier!

What are your thoughts?  Have you guys run into the more disruptive stutter of applying network changes in Untangle version 10?  What has this meant for you in production environments you support?  Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below.

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