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Where Would We Be Without Smartphones?

Have you stopped to think about that recently?  Where would we possibly be without smartphones?  We find ourselves throughout the day looking, scrolling, emailing, texting, browsing – all on our smartphones.  It reminds me of discussions about what we did in corporate and other work environments before computer networks and the Internet/email.  It seems totally foreign to us now what we did in those environments before having those technologies but there actually was a time that existed where we didn’t.

We have seen the commercials where families at the dinner table text each other instead of talking to one another and families realistically do have all their conversations via texts and emails or instant messages now.  The shift is becoming increasing evident that the central power that our PC’s and workstations held just a few years ago as being the center of our digital communications has indeed shifted to the smartphone.  Smartphones now are becoming so much more powerful than ever conceived possible.  We now have dual-core phones with 1GB or more of memory and up to 32 or even 64 gigs of internal storage built in.  It is fascinating to think where the technology is headed and what hardware will be like next year or even a couple of years from now when we are all up for upgrades on our contracts with our carriers.  There is talk and specs being released of quad-core phones for next year.  Who knows maybe even hex-core in the not too distant future.

The NFC (Near Field Chip) technology is also amazing in the capabilities that it brings to the table.  Google wallet which utilizes this technology in its phones could even bring an end to credit cards as we know them.  Our entire world will eventually revolve around our smartphones it seems.  With that it seems that security for our phones will continue to be increasingly important and evident as more and more personal information will be contained therein.  New security software and encryption technologies will surely follow for smartphones to utilize for keeping data safe.

The possibilities are endless.  The technology is exciting and even a bit scary as the power that these little devices hold over us seems to be ever increasing.

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