Firefox 5.0 App Tabs

It seems like the “App” has become the standard by which every device has been judged and the new version of Firefox, version 5.0, extends the App to the browser by introducing the “App Tabs” feature.  We think this is an especially handy feature as it allows you to pin frequently used or visited websites via the App Tab feature which creates a small tab that cannot be accidentally closed and takes up much less real estate on your browser screen as a regular tab.  A blue-ish glow also notifieds you of changes on the App tab so you do not miss anything.

Popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will more than likely see heavy use of the App Tab feature as well as webmail clients such as Gmail.  The App Tabs open back up automatically when the browser is closed.


In the above pic, notice the smaller tabs to the far left – these are the app tabs we created by simply right clicking on a regular tab and then selecting “Pin as App Tab.”  Check out the web docs from Mozilla on this cool new feature as well as the video explaining App Tabs and how to create them:

All in all we like what we see with this new feature as well as others contained in Firefox 5.0

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