Bandwidth Control is included in the new Untangle 8.0

We at Computer-howto are big fans of the open source network UTM product Untangle.  It provides tremendous value for the price in the paid versions and has considerable strength even in its free form.  One of the hardest tasks an administrator has especially with a limited bandwidth pipe and ever bandwidth hungry websites and applications, is to prioritize traffic and to make sure that resources that need appropriate bandwidth have it available.  Previous versions of Untangle included Quality of Service (QoS) functionality on the WAN interface that prioritized traffic that didn’t go through the rack while the new bandwidth feature helps give precedence to traffic that does flow through the rack which should be of tremendous value to administrators trying to pinpoint users that are abusing bandwidth usage through online video, games, etc, etc.

Check out the news release for Untangle 8.0 for new features as well as a link to register for the Untangle 8.0 webinar –

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