Windows 7 Impresses

Windows 7 has been public now for a few months and most OEM manufacturers as well as components retailers have made the switch to selling and configuring the new OS from Microsoft. So what is the verdict for Windows 7? Strong, stable, and quick. Windows 7 continues to impress users with the feel of a better operating system. Vista certainly had matured over the past couple of years, but it would never live down the disappointments and sluggish bloated performance bottlenecks. No matter how hard Microsoft tried to push the OS, it just didn’t make it due to the initial problems that it handed down to users.

Windows 7 is definitely a more stable and robust OS right out of the box. Users are finding that the OS is certainly has a more slick feel and resolves many of the performance issues that users were experiencing with Vista. In fact users are finding that the OS resembles more closely the operating system feel of Windows XP.

From an administrator’s perspective also, Windows 7 seems to be a very configurable and reliable OS which is good news for network administrators who can live or die by the stability and reliability of the operating system. Windows 7 seems to run pretty well across multiple configurations of hardware. Even older generation hardware with slower CPU’s and less memory can benefit from the new operating system.

All in all, Windows 7 is a win for Microsoft as more and more users who adopt the new operating system and migrate from Vista are sure to agree with. Thank you Microsoft for finally getting the ball rolling in the right direction.

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