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Upgrade to Kali LInux 2024.1 includes 4 new tools

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Kali Linux has introduced its first release of 2024, version 2024.1, bringing with it a suite of new features including four innovative tools, a refreshed theme, and updates to the desktop environment. Designed for cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers, Kali Linux serves as a robust platform for penetration testing, security auditing, and various research activities on networks.

This year's initial release continues the tradition of refreshing the visual aesthetic of the distribution, showcasing new wallpapers, boot menu enhancements, and updates to the login interface.

New Tools in Kali Linux 2024.1: The latest version enriches Kali Linux's arsenal with the addition of four new tools, enhancing its utility for security professionals:

  • blue-hydra: A service for discovering Bluetooth devices.
  • opentaxii: An implementation of a TAXII server by EclecticIQ.
  • readpe: Tools for command-line manipulation of Windows PE files.
  • snort: A versatile Network Intrusion Detection System.

Furthermore, Kali Linux 2024.1 updates the system to Kernel version 6.6, ensuring enhanced performance and security.

Annual Theme Refresh: The 2024.1 release also introduces a new theme, designed to improve the user experience from startup. The update features significant enhancements to the boot menu, login display, and introduces captivating new desktop wallpapers for both the standard Kali and Kali Purple editions, with contributions from @arszilla. These wallpapers are designed to align with the Nord and Dracula color schemes, and users can access them through the kali-community-wallpapers package, which includes a variety of stunning backgrounds from community contributors.

Desktop Environment Updates: Kali Linux 2024.1 also brings functional enhancements to the Xfce and Gnome desktop environments. Xfce users can now easily copy their VPN IP address to the clipboard with Xclip, streamlining VPN management. Gnome users will find the eye-of-gnome image viewer replaced by Loupe, alongside speed improvements in the Nautilus file manager.

How to Upgrade to Kali Linux 2024.1: Users can upgrade to Kali Linux 2024.1 through their existing installation or start fresh with new installs and live distributions by downloading ISO images. For those updating from an older version, the following commands can be used to upgrade:

echo "deb http://http.kali.org/kali kali-rolling main contrib non-free non-free-firmware" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade
cp -vrbi /etc/skel/. ~/
[ -f /var/run/reboot-required ] && sudo reboot -f

For an optimal experience on the Windows Subsystem for Linux, upgrading to WSL2 is recommended, which supports graphical apps and can be verified with the wsl -l -v command. Post-upgrade, users can confirm the success of the upgrade by checking the version information with:

grep VERSION /etc/os-release


Posted : 28/02/2024 5:05 pm