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Maiyunda M1 with N100 Mini PC with 4 NVMe and 4 2.5 GbE network adapters

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The Maiyunda M1 is a compact, low-power PC priced from 1,380 CNY (~$190) targeting home networking and storage, featuring an Intel Alder Lake-N processor and up to 32GB DDR5 RAM. It stands out with four 2.5GbE LAN ports and supports up to five PCIe NVMe SSDs, including quick-release slots on the Pro model for easy storage access.

However, these LAN ports consume significant PCIe lanes, limiting SSDs to one lane each and memory to single-channel. Despite these constraints, its small form factor (165 x 148 x 59mm), aluminum alloy construction, and potential for RAID configurations make it an interesting option for home servers. It has limited USB ports and single-channel memory might restrict performance for some users. Available in China, its international availability is unclear.



Posted : 08/04/2024 9:31 pm
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