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Docker Desktop 4.29 released with new features

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Here's a detailed bulleted list of features from the Docker Desktop 4.29 release:

  • Enhanced Container Isolation (ECI) with Docker Socket Mount Permissions:

    • General Availability: Available to Business subscribers, enhancing security with unprivileged containers.
    • Selective Permissions: Allows admin to specify which container images can access the Docker socket via a curated image list.
    • Command Restrictions: Limits the Docker commands that approved containers can execute, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Advanced Error Management:

    • Enhanced Error Interface: Combines error codes with explanatory text and support links for easy troubleshooting.
    • Direct Diagnostic Uploads: Enables users to share diagnostics directly from the error screen, simplifying the support process.
    • Reset and Exit Options: Provides quick fixes directly from the error interface.
    • Self-Service Remediation: Offers actionable steps for users to independently resolve issues.
  • New Features in Docker Engine (Moby 26):

    • Volume Subpath Mounts: Allows mounting a subdirectory as a named volume for enhanced data management.
    • Networking Enhancements: Improves stability and lays groundwork for future IPv6 support.
    • Integration of BuildKit 0.13: Includes experimental support for Windows Containers and other efficiency improvements.
    • Streamlined API: Deprecated versions removed to enhance security and reliability.
    • Multi-Platform Image Enhancements: Improved docker images UX for handling multi-platform images.
  • Beta Release Highlights:

    • Docker Debug in Docker Desktop GUI and CLI: Offers tools for debugging both local and remote containerized applications from Docker Desktop.
    • Improved Volume Backup Capabilities: Integrates Volumes Backup & Share extension into Docker Desktop, enhancing backup processes.
    • Support for Host Network Mode on Docker Desktop for Mac and Windows: Provides enhanced networking capabilities, allowing containers to use the host’s network stack.
  • Air-Gapped Containers (Beta Feature):

    • Restricting Network Access: Ensures containers only communicate with approved sources.
    • Customizing Proxy Rules: Allows detailed control over container traffic.
    • Enhancing Data Protection: Helps prevent unauthorized data transfer in or out of containers.
  • Compose Bind Mount Support with Synchronized File Shares:

    • Synchronized File Shares (SFS): Enhances bind mounts with native filesystem performance, speeding up file operations significantly.
    • Seamless Integration: Automatically optimizes bind mounts with no additional configuration needed in Compose.

Posted : 12/04/2024 11:32 pm
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