Self hosted

  • Signoz free and open source syslog server with opentelemetry

    SigNoz: Free and Open Source Syslog server with OpenTelemetry

    Synology DSM

  • Open source log management

    Best Open Source Log Management Tools in 2023

    When monitoring, troubleshooting, and auditing in today’s IT infrastructure, logs provide the low-level messaging needed to trace down events happening in the environment. They can be an invaluable source of insights into performance, security events, and errors that may be…

  • Keepalived ha for self hosted home lab

    Keepalived: High Availability for self-hosted services

    If you are self-hosting services in your home lab or using Linux servers in production, providing redundancy for your self-hosted services is important. If you have a host go down or a hardware failure, you can provide high availability and…

  • Umbrel personal server os for privacy

    Umbrel Personal Server OS for Privacy Conscious

    Umbrel is an excellent option for a personal server operating system. These solutions are becoming increasingly popular as many are into self-hosting and running a home server or lab network. At its core, the Umbrel OS is designed to provide…

  • Dietpi tiny home operating system

    DietPi: Tiny OS for Home Server Self-hosting

    For home labbers and others running small board computer systems like Raspberry Pi board computers, there is a tiny operating system you may not have heard about. It is called “Diet Pi,” and it is a really cool option for…

  • CasaOS the best home server operating system

    CasaOS: Best Home Server Operating System

    When setting up a home server and wanting to run a few critical services at home built on top of Docker, many may get intimidated by the technical requirements to spin these services up by hand. However, there is an…

  • Tdarr open source distributed transcoding system

    TDARR: Optimize your Self-hosted Video Streaming Library

    Managing a home media library can be daunting. Maintaining an organized, accessible, and efficient media library is important for video enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. Enter Tdarr, a powerful tool designed to help you manage and optimize your media files.…

  • Homarr home lab dashboard for server monitoring

    Homarr: Sleek Home Lab Dashboard for Server Monitoring

    For home lab enthusiasts, having the ability to keep up with services you have deployed, monitor your servers, and quickly access resources is a game changer. Home lab dashboards offer just this ability. There are many excellent home lab dashboard…

  • Chatpad AI Self hosted Secure ChatGPT App in Docker

    Chatpad AI: Self-hosted Secure ChatGPT App in Docker

    There is no shortage of OpenAI tools and self-hosted apps. However, among the ones I have tried so far, Chatpad AI is arguably the best experience. In case you have not heard about Chatpad AI, this post will take a…

  • Authelia Docker Compose Install and 2FA Setup

    Authelia: Open source SSO and MFA in Docker

    If you are looking at securing your home lab or other environment, two-factor authentication is the way to go. However, is there a way to self-host your two-factor authentication and SSO technologies? Yes, there is! I want to introduce you…