Windows Server Summit 2024 Schedule with lots of Windows Server 2025 content

Discover the future of Windows Server 2025 at the virtual Windows Server Summit 2024. Three days of demos, sessions, and Q&As with experts. Don't miss out!

If you are a Windows Server administrator or you are wondering what new features and capabilities are going to be brought to the table with Windows Server 2025, the next Windows Server Summit 2024 will be a virtual event to definitely mark your calendars for.

Over three days, Microsoft engineers, guest experts from other companies, and the MVP community will lead demos, technical sessions, and Q&A sessions with attendees. The highlight will be a showcase of what is coming next in Windows Server 2025. It will provide best practices for security and identity, and offer tips for cloud migration and hybrid cloud management to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

You can explore new technologies and capabilities, including the hybrid cloud with Azure Arc. Also, you can learn about security and hardening measures with Windows server. Migration, a topic that is often a favorite of IT professionals, will be discussed in detail, and much more.

Also, there will be a live Q&A session with each session, giving attendees the chance to ask questions and receive expert guidance.

To participate, individuals do not need to register, but they can save the dates and individual sessions to their calendars by clicking the “Add to calendar” button. They can also sign in to the Tech Community and RSVP to receive event reminders and post their questions for the product teams in advance and during the event. Windows Server 2025 has some very exciting features, and this summit offers a chance to learn what’s ahead and how to prepare for it.

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8:00 AMWelcome to
Windows Server Summit 2024!
8:00 AMWindows Server Summit 2024:
Day 2 preview
8:00 AMWindows Server Summit 2024:
Day 3 preview
8:30 AMWelcome to Windows Server Summit 2024! (continued)8:30 AMAutomate confidential computing
in Azure with Intel® TDX
8:30 AMWindows Server modernization and optimization powered by Intel®
9:00 AMWhat’s new in Windows Server 20259:00 AMCloud operations for Windows Server through Azure Arc9:00 AMSupercharge your datacenters with Hyper-V and virtualized GPUs
9:30 AMAccelerate SQL Server performance using Intel® QAT9:30 AMKeeping Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 protected after EOS9:30 AMSupercharge your datacenters with
Hyper-V and virtualized GPUs
10:00 AMMicrosoft options for VMware migration10:00 AMDemo bytes: Windows Server migration and performance validation10:00 AMAutomate on-premises Windows Server from the cloud using Azure Arc
10:30 AMMicrosoft options for VMware migration (continued)10:30 AMModernizing the server desktop10:30 AMImplementing Response Rate Limiting (RRL) in Windows Server
11:00 AMDemo bytes:
SSH for Azure Arc | Storage Replica
11:00 AMLicensing options: Windows Server 2025 & services with Azure Arc11:00 AMWindows Server 2025:
The upgrade and update experience
11:30 AMWhat’s new in failover clustering in
Windows Server 2025
11:30 AMLicensing options: Windows Server 2025 & services with Azure Arc (continued)11:30 AMAn ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of detection
12:00 PMNew storage features in
Windows Server 2025
12:00 PMHotpatching: Improving server security and productivity12:00 PMBring Active Directory to the next level with Windows Server 2025
12:30 PMNext-generation SMB file services12:30 PMWindows Server hybrid and cloud: Software Defined Networking12:30 PMWindows Server app modernization with containers
1:00 PMNext-generation SMB file services
1:00 PMWindows Server hybrid and cloud: Software Defined Networking (continued)1:00 PMHost networking at the edge
1:30 PMWhat’s new in Active Directory for
Windows Server 2025
1:30 PMWindows Server 2025 ReFS booted images for confidential VMs1:30 PMHost networking at the edge (continued)
2:00 PMWhat’s new in Active Directory for
Windows Server 2025
2:00 PMManage Azure File Sync with
Windows Admin Center
2:00 PMConfigure and monitor Windows Server 2025 security with new tools
2:30 PMProtecting Active Directory from management plane attacks2:30 PMDemo bytes:
System Center 2025 | Testing with MSLab
2:30 PMSeven steps for a successful Azure migration
3:00 PMWindows Admin Center roadmap:
What’s new and what’s coming
3:00 PMWindows Server Summit 2024:
Day 2 wrap-up
3:00 PMWindows Server Summit 2024:
That’s a wrap!
3:30 PMWindows Server Summit 2024:
Day 1 wrap-up
Microsoft Windows Server Summit 2024 Calendar of sessions

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