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Cameyo Launches Artificial Intelligence AI Platform for Virtual Application Delivery

This day and age is all about the applications. The cloud-driven era has allowed businesses to move quickly and with tremendous agility. Over the course of the past year, businesses supporting users during a global pandemic have had to empower users with the ability to access their critical applications for business continuity. Virtual App Delivery (VAD) is an extremely lean and efficient way to provide access to needed resources. Cameyo has taken Virtual App Delivery to the next level with their next-generation Virtual Application Delivery platform. Recently, Cameyo has further refined their solution with a new, industry-first artificial intelligence (AI) platform for Virtual Application Delivery. What is this new AI-driven VAD approach? What does it involve? What are the benefits to your organization when using the newly enhanced solution from Cameyo? Let’s learn more about Cameyo Launches Artificial Intelligence AI Platform for Virtual Application Delivery.

What is Cameyo’s AI Platform for Virtual Application Delivery (VAD)?

Cameyo has launched Cameyo Analytics, a real-time monitoring and analytics solution to utilize AI to proactively optimize Virtual Applicatio Delivery for a better end-user experience when consuming virtual apps. On top of an enhanced end-user experience, it helps businesses reduce the cost of enabling remote and hybrid work.

The new AI-driven Analytics platform provides an end-to-end view of the Cameyo-powered Virtual Application Delivery solution that helps to optimize environments and saves customers a “minimum of 50% on server and usage costs.” As we all know, most end-user computing (EUC) environments are heavily overprovisioned. In some cases, this can be as much as 3X.

Cameyo virtual app delivery adds ai analytics
Cameyo virtual app delivery adds ai analytics

According to Andrew Miller, CEO with Cameyo:

β€œCameyo has always focused on automating the complexity out of the delivery of applications to any device without the need for Virtual Desktops. Cameyo Analytics is yet another innovation that automates the monitoring of the customer’s environment – enabling them to dramatically reduce infrastructure cost and continually optimize the end-user experience.”

What are the “nuts and bolts” of the AI Virtual Application Delivery solution?

Cameyo’s AI Platform for Virtual Application Delivery provides the following:

  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Proactive Issue Remediation

Actionable Intelligence

According to Cameyo, the analytics presented include more than just simple insights. It provides actionable intelligence that allows customers to implement efficiency-savings in the environment. It includes information regarding CPU, RAM, GPU, session requests, concurrency, and many more metrics. By using the real-time analytics, Cameyo enables customers to run as lean as possible with efficient environments that do not sacrifice the end-user experience.

Proactive Issue Remediation

When it comes to IT operations, you want to be as proactive as possible, triaging potential issues, before they actually become issues in the environment. With the Proactive Issues Remediation capabilities of the new AI-powered Analytics engine, Cameyo provides the intelligence needed to identify, troubleshoot, and remeidate problems before issues arise. This is implemented a bit differently in the two categories of Cameyo offerings (fully hosted, and self-hosted environments).

In the fully hosted environment, the AI-enabled issues remediation is accomplished automatically in the background for Cameyo customers. For the self-hosted customers, these receive alerts and suggested actions that can easily be implemented by IT operations.

Availability and Pricing

Cameyo is not holding anything back from customers here as they are providing the analytics feature to existing customers for no additional cost. Also, this gets even better. The new AI-driven analytics is available immediately, even for on-premises users. They simply navigate to Admin > Settings, then Analytics to access all features of Cameyo Analytics.


Cameyo provides a cutting-edge Virtual Application Delivery platform that is arguably leading the pack of virtual application delivery solutions on the market. Cameyo is definitely a VAD solution that allows organizations today to provide robust application delivery to end-users for their business-critical applications. The new AI-driven Cameyo Analytics solution helps businesses run an even leaner environment while not sacrificing the end-user experience.

If customers are fully hosted with Cameyo in the cloud, they get all of the benefits from the AI solution automatically. Self-hosted customers still get the benefits and can introduce recommendations from the analytics engine into the environment.

Be sure to checkout Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery solution and sign up for a free trial here.

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